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Make Some Cash and Clear Some Space with Our Car Removal Service in Brisbane

There are many reasons for retiring or abandoning a vehicle: age-related disfunction, missing or impossible-to-source parts, or expensive damages after an accident. In this case, instead of dumping your broken-down or irreparable vehicle to rot, contact our professional car removal service in Brisbane to sell your old or non-functioning car for cash and have it taken off your hands for free.

Apart from safety, space, and money-saving considerations, removing and recycling your unusable vehicle using scrap car removals in Brisbane instead of letting it stand is essential. Here’s why.

The Impact of Scrap Cars on the Environment

Unlike many other modern-day consumables, most vehicle owners give little thought to what will happen to their vehicle when it’s no longer usable. Unfortunately, people frequently leave these cars, vans, or trucks to rust in garages, gardens, driveways, pavements, or, most irresponsibly, rot in public spaces or natural areas of the community such as fields, forests, or ponds.

We know that old, unmaintained cars can pollute the environment when running. However, they can continue to pollute even when retired through decomposition, groundwater pollution, and harmful gases.

  • The dangers of decomposition: Typically made to resist breaks, rust, and decay, vehicles take hundreds of years to disintegrate and decompose. Rubber tires take up to 80 years to break down, with the complex engine taking up to a shocking 500 years to completely decompose.
  • Water pollution: When a car is left to stand for any time, vehicle fluids—potentially toxic gasoline, brake fluid, engine oil, or coolants such as antifreeze—begin to leak out into the ground or water. As these substances enter the water table to be consumed by humans, animals, and plant life, they can cause considerable harm, even disease.
  • Toxic gasses: New and old vehicles pollute the atmosphere with hazardous chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and carbon monoxide, damaging the protective ozone layer and contributing to global warming. Old, malfunctioning cars are particularly problematic, and at some stage, it is better to scrap them than continue to destroy the planet and the air we breathe.

Having hunks of metal lying around impacts the environment negatively, so by removing them, you’ll be helping to safeguard the planet. In addition, a car removal service will remove, recycle, and resell the usable auto parts before wrecking, further reducing the manufacture of primary materials and components and the associated burden on the earth. Recycling metal requires approximately 74 percent less energy and is cheaper.

Often, these unused cars are no more than inconvenient scrap for their owners; yet, even if the vehicle was once a prized possession with sentimental value, behaving responsibly regarding its disposal is vital. However, being more eco-friendly is not the only advantage of scrap car removal.

So, should you plan to sell your unused car in Brisbane, Cars Removals comes highly recommended by a happy and satisfied clientele. Our knowledge and experience in the car removal arena facilitate confident and efficient service.

The Benefits of Selling Your Broken-Down Car for Cash

In addition to helping save the environment, hiring trusted car removals and recyclers benefits you by:

  • Earning you some money: Instead of leaving your old, broken-down, or junk car in the garden, driveway, or garage, taking up space and gathering dirt, why not swap it for cash?
  • Freeing up your space: Your car, truck, or van will be taking up a lot of space that is otherwise useful for storage, lawn, or parking your working vehicles. Your property will also look more attractive.
  • Safeguarding your family, guests, and pets: Rusting hunks of metal full of sharp edges and dirty corners are not ideal for children or pets. By recycling using car removals in Brisbane, you’ll be providing a safer property.
  • Saving you money: Your scrap car removal company will come to you to evaluate and remove your vehicle for free, saving you the hassle of removing it yourself or paying to have it removed, saving you money.
  • Saving you time: Trying to sell the vehicle yourself will take time and energy, and you could end up getting less than the car or truck is worth. However, by choosing a reputable car removal company, you can rest assured that the process will be above-board, quick, and pain-free.
What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Brisbane Car Removals

Hiring us, possibly Australia’s best junk car removal service, to buy your scrap or junk vehicle is simple, convenient, and fast.

  1. Contact us for a free quote. Call us for a free assessment and cash offer, or complete our online form to receive your free instant cash quote. Our response regarding old car removals in Brisbane is fast and friendly.
  2. We come to you. Our knowledgeable and informed consultants will come to you and your car to evaluate the vehicle and establish our quote.
  3. We will remove your car. Our fleet of removal-specific trucks and vehicles will tow or transport your car, van, or truck from wherever it is within a 100-kilometer radius of Brisbane.

In addition, for your convenience:

  • Our services are free. You’ll be receiving cash from us, not the other way around. We quote, assess, remove, and recycle for free. If you consider the possible costs of selling your car privately or at auction, you’ll appreciate the value of approaching us for removal.
  • Our services are fast. We typically offer same-day car disposal in Brisbane, so the inconvenience to you is minimal and the benefits remarkable. Call us in the morning, and we’ll have the car out of your hair and cash in your pocket by the evening.
  • Our quotes are competitive. Depending on the make, model, and condition of your old vehicle, we pay up to AUS$ 9,999 in cash per car. So, we trust you’ll find the deal lucrative as well as convenient.
  • The process is simple: Unlike selling your car elsewhere, the documentation we require is minimal.

We buy all makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks, so there’s no vehicle too old, damaged, small, or big for our purposes.

About Cars Removals

We have over a decade of removal experience, and Cars Removals has been in operation for three years. In addition to vehicle removals and recycling, we also offer repairs and good quality, salvaged replacement parts for various makes, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Holden, BMW, and Mercedes. So, if auto parts are what you need, please get our free quote online.

If your beloved car has seen better days, why not honor it by donating its parts for reuse and its body for recycling? Contact us today to book your assessment for car removals in Brisbane, whether in Northside or elsewhere, or for more information.

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